Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Are you considering alloy wheel customisation? Give your car a new lease on life! Alloy wheel powder coating can revitalise your vehicle with a bespoke, unique design. It’s durable, diverse, and a great alternative to traditional paint and lacquer.

Alloy wheel powder coating is an excellent way to transform your car with a relatively quick process. During a complete refurbishment, your tyres are removed from the alloy wheels, and their existing finish is stripped to check for damage. Once any scratches or scuffs have been filled in and sanded down, your new alloy wheel powder coating can be applied. It sprays onto alloy wheels like traditional paint. However, it couldn’t be more different! 

How Does It Work?

Alloy wheel powder coating does not settle onto your wheels as a liquid: it has a dry-finishing process that sticks your chosen mixture of pigment and resin onto the wheel, fusing them when exposed to heat. The powder coating will then disperse over your wheel in liquid form. It is a gel-like substance that gives your wheels their brand-new finish. If the previous layers of paint have been properly removed, you will soon have a smooth set of custom wheels. 

As with traditional spray paint, alloy wheel powder coating must be covered with lacquer to protect it from UV damage, water damage, pollution and scratches. However, there are a lot of differences between powder coating alloys and normal spray paint you may be unaware of!

Difference Between Powder Coating and Normal Spray Paint Repair

Liquid paint has a variety of applications. You can use it to paint garden fences, walls, and furniture: almost any indoor and outdoor project. The reason for this is that liquid paint contains numerous solvents. 

Solvents keep the fillers and pigments in your paint in liquid form. While they make application easy, some solvents are toxic and long-term exposure can pose health risks. Plus, they may be a fire hazard. However, alloy wheel powder coating is typically only used in mechanical environments. It is sprayed onto metallic objects, and its raw materials are composed of powdered resin and pigment.

Applying a powder coat is much safer, as they contain no solvents. They are pigment-based and do not pose a health risk if inhaled. In fact, countless benefits of alloy wheel powder coating go under-appreciated! 

Benefits of Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

  • High-Durability: Powder coating alloys are much more durable than painted, lacquered surfaces. It is thicker and more resistant to scuffs and scratches: this is why you will often pay a higher price tag for a powder-coating alloy finish. Its long-lasting durability is more than worth your money!
  • Consistent Finish: Provides a more consistent finish than traditional paint. Its dry-finishing process prevents the risk of dripping and running and will decorate your wheels with an even surface layer of powdered coating.
  • Colour Vibrancy: A uniform finish when powder coating alloys will stay vibrant for longer! The bonding and curing process means your design will remain impressive for an extended period.
  • Diverse Application: Can also be used to paint other surfaces. Ranging from stainless steel to aluminium alloy, it is an excellent choice for decorating metallic surfaces.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Unlike traditional paint and lacquer, alloy wheel powder coating does not contain solvents or any Volatile Organic Compounds (also known as VOCs). They pose less of a fire risk and health risk to those exposed to them long-term.

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