Diamond Cut Alloy Repair

Diamond-cut alloy Wheels are alloy wheels that are put on a CNC lathe and are machined to leave a diamond-cut alloy finish that resembles diamonds. Once this is done, the alloy is then lacquered in order to prevent corrosion and leave a pristine finish. We provide a bespoke diamond cut alloy service that gives you the highest-quality finish and a quick turnaround. 

With Customise Your Wheels, you can also request the type of diamond cut wheel refurbishment you want. Whether you want a colourful base coast or just a standard wheel repair, we’re here to help you. 

Although not all wheels can be diamond cut, many can. One of our specialists will be able to help you decide if diamond-cut alloy wheels are the best option for you and your vehicle. We can also service cars to come away from a diamond-cut finish as some customers prefer a non-diamond cut finish on their wheels. We work to an extremely high standard, and take pride in our wheel repairs. We ensure the highest quality finish no matter the style of wheel, and we don’t rely on quick fixes. So, if you’re looking for top-quality diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment in Liverpool, then Customise Your Wheels is the right choice for you. 

What exactly happens during a Diamond Cut Alloy Repair?

During the repair process, the wheel is treated so that old layers of paint and lacquer can be removed. This leaves a smooth surface that we can work with. First, a powder coat finish is applied and cured. Then, a thin layer of the alloy is cut using our specialist CNC lathe. Finally, we apply a clear lacquer for protection, and the wheel is ready for the road. If your wheels have been diamond cut before, our specialists will take a look and see if your wheel is eligible for a diamond cut alloy refurb. 

What’s the difference between a traditional painted alloy wheel and diamond-cut alloy wheels?

It can be quite easy to spot the difference between the two (when you know how). A wheel that is all the same colour will tend to be a painted wheel, however, a wheel with a shiny surface and dual tones will tend to be a diamond cut alloy wheel.