Wheel Repair Liverpool

Unfortunately, alloy wheels are easy to damage by accident. Replacing damaged wheels can be very expensive, but wheel repair can restore the integrity of your car without putting a dent in your bank account. Many mobile wheel repair services merely carry out temporary cosmetic repairs. At Customise Your Wheels, our Liverpool-based expert technicians will carry out a full repair according to your requirements. Complete alloy wheel repair includes the following stages:

Deep Cleaning – blasting or chemical stripping to deep clean each wheel.

Repairing – preparing, dressing, and filling damage to the edges and face.

Heat Treatment – gently heat-treating and finishing with a powder coat.

We also offer special treatments from our garage in Liverpool if you require a bespoke finish. Finally, we re-fit the wheel with stable re-balancing.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Chipped or curbed wheels
• Minor scratches, scrapes, and scuffs
• Deeper scratches and dents
• Corrosion
• Discolouration

Customise Your Wheels can straighten and repair cracked wheels to make them look as good as new. We will refit and balance tyres as part of the repair process at no extra cost.

Our standard wheel repairs have a 12-month guarantee, and diamond-cut wheel repairs have a 6-month guarantee.

High Quality Wheel Repairs

At Customise Your Wheels we will complete repairs to the highest standard, no matter which type of wheel you have. We treat every make and model with respect and amplify the quality of the wheels to improve the overall appearance.

Leon and the boys did a fantastic job on my old Volvo. Even though it wasn’t a top of the range BMW or Merc, they treated my Volvo with the same attention to detail. Most importantly my old wheels looked brand new, I can’t recommend them highly enough…. – Alex Reilly

Absolutely outstanding service and work. Leon and his team were a joy to deal with and their work is just superb! If you want your wheels to look better than new, use these guys – Julia Smith

Great service from Leon and the guys. Wheels are as good as new and at half the price and done quicker than other quotes! – Mike Povah

Amazing work done on my two corroded wheels, they look like brand new! Highly recommended! – Thanos Zaf